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Placed on the desk of the problem

After not to have a window seat Advanced Office now has a lot of bright windows overlooking the base floor, there is a comfortable superior. Some people like to place a desk with the window parallel to Block French window at the desk and between the windows as the backing, so that the placing of a desk position is wrong. Block has a window on the door as there is the same as Block is not available. Window is the entrance of light and air, after the theory and avoid sitting on the same door. Ways to resolve: First, adjust the location of a desk; there is a selection are two high back chairs. Wish to have the backing of Block Since the study of feng shui point of view, the better the principles of feng shui are the first "Ring Mountain hold water", that is behind the mountain to make have to rely on to Mong people, there is water around the front to旺财. Behind the seats so there must be only in favor of backing the cause of workers, the office of the so-called "backing" is a fortress wall, try to seat against the wall, between the walls and seats of the best not to leave too much space
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